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We have currently have around 80 goats whom we breed for milk production.  We reserve the right to first choice for our program. No deposits will be accepted until AFTER birth and posting. We will leave them with their mom til 8-12 weeks depending on the baby. Pick-up can be arranged after that. If you are wanting a bottle baby, we also offer those. They are a lot more work on your part to care for them though.  A 50% deposit will be required to hold a baby. It will be non-refundable unless something happens to the baby before it leaves my property. All goats will be disbudded. If you specifically require a goat with horns, it MUST be paid in full by 3 days old or it will be disbudded. All babies receive 4 rounds of CDT, toltrazuril, and eprinex. If you would like your buckling wethered, I can do that free of charge. If you take it as a bottle baby, it will need to be brought back between 10-12 weeks old for me to wether him.

Registered doelings will start at $350.  Unregistered doelings will start at $200.  Registered bucklings will start at $275- although I RARELY sell these. Unregistered bucklings will start at $75.

Ginger needs a minimum of 7 hugs per day❤️

Ginger needs a minimum of 7 hugs per day❤️

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