Our Services

Hoof trimming for goats:

$12 per goat


$12 per hour- this cost is greatly affected by how bad the hooves are. If they only require minor work you are looking at 5-10 minutes per goat. If they are in bad shape and need reshaping, 20-30 minutes per goat. If they are really bad, it may take more than one appointment to get them to where they need to be.

If any of them have hoof rot, we will stop the appointment and refer you to a vet as we are not licensed to treat medical conditions.

We include our fuel/transport charge in the per goat fee.

We also have a flat $20 fee for the day to cover the use of our equipment and the disinfection of it when we leave since we are biosecure.



Cost is dependent upon work load but is generally $35-$50 per day. Overnights, weekends, and holidays are available. 


To schedule any service, please message us here or text 254-258-6720