How to contact us

If you need more information on what we do here or what all we have for sale at this time, please contact us at:

or you can reach us at the following numbers by TEXT ONLY.

Emergency/Help for livestock- Understand I am NOT a Veterinarian! I am NOT a licensed medical provider. Take all information we give you as just the experience of someone who has dealt with A LOT and does tons of research! I cannot give definitive diagnoses and generally I cannot help you by just seeing pictures. 

Jen Mengelkamp 912-271-7106

Egg sales-

Sarah Mengelkamp- 254-258-6720

Animal info/sales:

Dick: 254-258-6747


We are open by appointment only. Due to stringent biosecurity regulations, we can no longer allow farm tours. We will have special events though where you will be able to see and touch some of our livestock. 



Operating hours

By appointment only

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